Letter Writing – A vanishing Act !!

The era of handwritten letters had come to an end years ago, but the same was accelerated due to the emergence of many people moving towards emails and social networking sites for the basic reason of saving time and assurance of delivery .Also, many of us do post letters, though not written in ink but printed using a computer printer after typing it on our PC’s.

To be true, I have not written a single letter to any of my loved one in ages, this may be due to the presence of phones or the fact that I never trusted the Postal system enough to believe that it will make my letters reach their destinations on time. The last time I remember writing a letter was when I needed to assert my grievance against the delay in processing of my passport. Before, this heroic act I used to write letters only during my English examination, conducted during the tenure of my school or college. It was more of a forceful act rather than my willingness to write such letters.

Gone are those days where people used to write letters to their loved ones and curiously waited for a reply. Though, these handwritten letters are very personal and do add a new crispiness to the air while one reads them, there has been a steady decline in it. Today we have emails that on a click of a button will flash our message to the desired recipient in time that can be compared to blink of one’s eye.

But then again, don’t we like watching movies in which the lovers exchange such notes through personalized letters. Think how funny it may sound (romantic for some though) to write a love letter to your girlfriend describing how immensely you are in love with her and how beautiful she is to your eyes using your E-Mail. Now compare it to a real time personalized letter having rose petals and your favorite perfume sprinkled on it, this letter will be saved for years to come and would make you remember of the love that you once shared.

Still to do this you will need to send this letter by FedEx or some other good courier service to ensure that it does reach on time. It shouldn’t be  like you write a letter to your girlfriend on her birthday for women falling  next week and due to some perennial mistake of the postal department it reaches her the next year and at that time you are  even not going around with her any more.. (Just a wild imagination, you see !!)So, what can be done… Hmm.. Let’s say.. if you send a letter through  normal mail, you can also send a email telling that you have send  a letter.(Hilarious)

Let’s, see what happens to this system of handwritten in coming future, and I hope this doesn’t becomes ac curators love in some museum somewhere..

Keep reading, and keep writing letter using your hand not keyboard, at least some times!!