Letter Writing – A vanishing Act !!

The era of handwritten letters had come to an end years ago, but the same was accelerated due to the emergence of many people moving towards emails and social networking sites for the basic reason of saving time and assurance of delivery .Also, many of us do post letters, though not written in ink but printed using a computer printer after typing it on our PC’s.

To be true, I have not written a single letter to any of my loved one in ages, this may be due to the presence of phones or the fact that I never trusted the Postal system enough to believe that it will make my letters reach their destinations on time. The last time I remember writing a letter was when I needed to assert my grievance against the delay in processing of my passport. Before, this heroic act I used to write letters only during my English examination, conducted during the tenure of my school or college. It was more of a forceful act rather than my willingness to write such letters.

Gone are those days where people used to write letters to their loved ones and curiously waited for a reply. Though, these handwritten letters are very personal and do add a new crispiness to the air while one reads them, there has been a steady decline in it. Today we have emails that on a click of a button will flash our message to the desired recipient in time that can be compared to blink of one’s eye.

But then again, don’t we like watching movies in which the lovers exchange such notes through personalized letters. Think how funny it may sound (romantic for some though) to write a love letter to your girlfriend describing how immensely you are in love with her and how beautiful she is to your eyes using your E-Mail. Now compare it to a real time personalized letter having rose petals and your favorite perfume sprinkled on it, this letter will be saved for years to come and would make you remember of the love that you once shared.

Still to do this you will need to send this letter by FedEx or some other good courier service to ensure that it does reach on time. It shouldn’t be  like you write a letter to your girlfriend on her birthday for women falling  next week and due to some perennial mistake of the postal department it reaches her the next year and at that time you are  even not going around with her any more.. (Just a wild imagination, you see !!)So, what can be done… Hmm.. Let’s say.. if you send a letter through  normal mail, you can also send a email telling that you have send  a letter.(Hilarious)

Let’s, see what happens to this system of handwritten in coming future, and I hope this doesn’t becomes ac curators love in some museum somewhere..

Keep reading, and keep writing letter using your hand not keyboard, at least some times!!




In this Blog, I am trying to make the concept of  ~ MEETING THE REAL U ~ more perceivable and crystal or to say understandable.This is because how much poetic a person may become, but it would be tough to explain “How water tastes” to a person who has never tasted it. And then I am not even close to be called as poetic.

Every single individual in this world has his/her own special way of perceiving things and his own flow of thoughts. This philosophy of his life, whatever they may be, is considered apt and acceptable, making this person live with the same in one way or another.

All his morals, his ego, his character are based upon that philosophy or thinking, which he has gathered form the world around him in which he co-exists. He also his own friends who somewhere below share the philosophies and principles that  matching to his own, giving rise to a new bond, which we call compatibility in other words.

We can say also propagate that the philosophies that a person develops must be resultant of his surroundings, which that may include his family, his religion and living condition. These factors actually nurture the thinking process of this individual. But, still its again quite individualistic that how that person may gather these out worldly experiences and crate a web of his own philosophy > I would like to quote a example from a house where two siblings born to the same parents  and living under similar environment may not perceive the world in similar ways!

The hysteria for my choosing this topic will be forth told in a while as I will be presenting my thoughts and uncovering my mind in the next few lines.

All I wanted to express is based on the theory that the moment a human child opens his eyes on this beautiful but intelligent planet, his mind/brain starts the process of grasping the surroundings and building his intellect or philosophy step by step. This progression into making his character and morals or whatever you may give it a name [It’s just a word after all LOL!!!] is quite dependent on the envelope of his society.

Thus, it would be apt to say that a child born in one Hindu family has his morals and ideas quite different from a child born to another Hindu family or a Christian or Muslim family based on all of his religious or family teachings. For e.g. in one of the families they don’t prefer eating Non-veg food, saying all the story of karma and god knows what else, but that would not be the case in some other family. So, all I am saying is we get all these ideas in our minds the way we have gathered it from our surroundings.

Moving into the real deeper part of the story I would like you to be introduced to a grown up individual, who is a responsible citizen, patriotic, loving, compassionate and having all other characteristics that defines him as socially good! Let’s call him Mr. Nice. All parameters have been well defined (I think so!!!)

During his simple journey of life, Mr.Nice had met with really tough days and decided to seek a means to end his misery. The distress of life was seemingly some external factor, for which Mr. Nice thought himself to be unlucky and considered god to be partial to him. But even after making all this hue and cry,  Mr. Nice could not put an end to his internal fire of misery that was like a burning ember  spreading the sprinkles on to his soul. He was then helped by some divine intervention and realized that his real misery though was his internal problem but it appears to be related to an external event. He realized that this external event dint do anything but lit a blaze a heap of hidden gasoline that was kept deep underground giving it a covering of superficial life (Maya).

He started meditating and some answers started popping up from nowhere. He could sense that a person has answers to all his misery within his own self; the only problem is to find them. And yes he does succeeds a bit, but at the same time  he had to face the biggest fear of mankind, the fear of watching one’s own ugly side, we all have one but our philosophies don’t let us see them ,we make our own shell and keep doing what we want by giving it different names. We all do have dark sides and some of us do things even knowing that they are not correct, but this intellect of ours subsides it by giving it various names.

But, now once Mr. Nice visits the inner realms of his own self he starts to see that all these action in a conscious and uncovered way, all these thoughts without the shell of his philosophies. It really interrogates him and lets him feel what he has been up to all his life. It describes him his real self taking him out of that outer cover and showing his true self to him. This introspection of himself baffles his own self and the thoughts that he had for himself. The thoughts that he was so kind, selfless and compassionate to all others pains, helping others without any self interest etc. But when his conscious come to evenness with his real self he does realize that  “All Relations are based on Need and Fear” must be true, his  image of self breaks, the philosophies breaks and he starts realizing what this is all about.

This realization was not easy, as his philosophies (self Image, ego)were so strong that it will made him insane for some time to follow in future.

What I mean to explain is that, most of us know deep down how egoistic we are, but if pointed out we always shake our head and say, “What!!!! Me and egoistic, U must be kidding me. I am so down to earth and humble …”.We all try to figure out what others are, but never bother of what we are to others because our self Image is such it won’t let us. And some way it’s even good as if it was not like this then it must been worse. Like a “Ton of Gold won’t make an ant richer, it will only crush it “(Now don’t take it literally, It’s a metaphor)

And as I said in the beginning , we all have our own philosophies so do I , if what I said gets in your head good, If it doesn’t better…




Imagine you wake up in the same bed of yours in which you usually do, realizing that you are not the same person you used to be anymore…. You have changed!

But, Let’s see what has changed? You look the same way, breathe, eat and go to office in the same way, but some where inside, you got to know your real self.

You got to know whatever you thought you actually were was not the truth any more. You thought you were a compassionate and loving person, a friendly next door guy. But, now u can see through yourself like a plain window glass.

At this moment when your outer shell breaks and you self image that u have made over the years shatters how do u think you will feel ???

When u realize the saying “Every Relation is based on Need and Fear” has come to your true experience, how do u feel???

When u realize that every thing u did or u r doing rite now, is due to some subconscious fear All your love, your friendship, your compassion How do u feel???
So, How would u feel when ull met the real U??